We are at the Start of the Kintyre Way

Dunaverty Rock on Weirs Way 30 years ago

A regular visitor found this on youtube. For our friends from afar, ‘Weirs Way’ was a long running television show shown in Scotland during the 70’s and 80’s in which Tom Weir explored the outdoors of Scotland as well as its history and people. This episode starts in nearby Campbeltown but Dunaverty features quite prominently from 7:25. It briefly discusses the history of the castle before interviewing local author Angus MacVicar about local folklore. The episode concludes by taking a wee trip down to the Mull of Kintyre which many of our friends who have yet to visit will no doubt have heard of and Tom has a wee chat with the lighthouse keeper at the time. Whilst the programme appears quite dated, it is certainly interesting to see how Dunaverty looked all those years ago!



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